Happy Birthday!

Yesterday one of our M.A.D. campers, Kara, celebrated her birthday! Happy birthday, Kara!

Kara excepting her birthday gift from the staff

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John Knox Center is a refuge in the heart of Presbytery of East TN set apart to nurture, renew, and inspire a love for God and commitment to Christ. Located conviently near Knoxville and Chattanooga, we offer programs for all ages. From our environmental education program, River Ridge, to summer camp for youth of all ages to retreats and meetings for adults; we have something to offer you and your group.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. I am enjoying your website which my son sent me but would be much happier if I saw a shot of my grandson. Aiden Lamb is really there, isn’t he? Thanks,
    Nancy Lamb

    • Yes, Aiden is here. Sorry he hasn’t been seen in a picture yet, but we try to get as many as possible. Lauren, our photographer, works hard to get all the groups and she tries to put a different sample of kids up each day. We also have a cd of all the pictures from the week available at check-out for $5.

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