Marathon Camp – Day 8

I took a little break from photos on the Sabbath to do, you know, Sabbath things.  The campers were still in full swing with high ropes, swimming, canoeing, and crafting.  Today was just as slammed packed as the other days have been – take a look:

Middle & high school campers working on their service project – benches for the ropes course!
Fearless leaders?
Paper making using old newspapers and magazines.

A camp dog’s life is the best dog’s life.
“Drive-in” movie at the pavilion!
Good friends + good pizza + good movies = good night!
Standing room only for this triple feature!

Plenty more fun where all of this came from – check back tomorrow for more Marathon Camp shenanigans!

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John Knox Center is a refuge in the heart of Presbytery of East TN set apart to nurture, renew, and inspire a love for God and commitment to Christ. Located conviently near Knoxville and Chattanooga, we offer programs for all ages. From our environmental education program, River Ridge, to summer camp for youth of all ages to retreats and meetings for adults; we have something to offer you and your group.

One thought on “Marathon Camp – Day 8

  1. Glad to see my Chloe W. Is still in one peice after all the horrible storms, must be having way too much fun to write home. May God bless and keep you all safe.

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