Marathon Camp – Day 8

I took a little break from photos on the Sabbath to do, you know, Sabbath things.  The campers were still in full swing with high ropes, swimming, canoeing, and crafting.  Today was just as slammed packed as the other days have been – take a look:

Middle & high school campers working on their service project – benches for the ropes course!
Fearless leaders?
Paper making using old newspapers and magazines.

A camp dog’s life is the best dog’s life.
“Drive-in” movie at the pavilion!
Good friends + good pizza + good movies = good night!
Standing room only for this triple feature!

Plenty more fun where all of this came from – check back tomorrow for more Marathon Camp shenanigans!

Marathon Camp – Day 6

“Makes me think of the good old days, Happy Birthday to you (Cameron)!”

Lots of birthday celebrations this week at camp – where in the world is there a better place to spend your birthday than with sixty of your closest friends?

Tenth birthday are way more fun with crazy hats! And big cakes! And cool birthday songs!

Vespers was beautiful tonight – as it is many nights – but tonight was the first pretty sunset we’ve enjoyed down by the lake so far this session. We’re thankful for the rain to help things grow and to cool us off, but a clear sky is nice as well.

Pastor Jim Hayes teaches at Vespers down by the water’s edge.

Check back tomorrow for more photos of today’s events…

Marathon Camp – Day 4

Today is “Choice Day” at camp – full of whitewater canoeing, kayaking, duct tape art, board games, archery, hiking, & high ropes! Enjoy these few photos of the day’s activities:

Who’s excited about kayaking? These fellas!
Row, row, row your boat…
…gently down the stream…
…merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream!
These campers and staff found themselves “In a Pickle”!
A mansion is bigger than a meadow which is bigger than a jungle that fits inside France…
Who knew duct tape could be so much fun – and artistic?
Crafts are wildly popular around these parts…
Bows and arrows are a girl’s best friend…

I would write more about the day’s events, however, I am currently hiding in a tree for Staff Hunt.

Shh… don’t tell the campers where I am!

Marathon Camp – Day 3

Excuse the delay of Day 3’s photos – when you live in the woods and have plenty of rain, the internet speed slows to a turltle-ish speed! But we are back and ready for action… hopefully you’ll have a sliver of the fun looking at these photos as we had yesterday hanging out in the Nature Center, fishing off the point, trust walking in Challenge Course, sock-hopping, and celebrating eleventh birthdays!

Campers & critterssss in the Nature Center
…just sitting on the dock of the bay…

Simon says: Go to your left, no right, I mean left.
Eleven years and we wish you many more, Happy Birthday to you!

For our campwide evening activity we broke out our oldies (but goodies) and busted a move on the dance floor at our Sock Hop & Ice Cream Social! The kids had a blast dressing up and cutting a rug – the staff even taught them a dance move or two:

Let’s go to the hop – oh, baby – let’s go to the hop!

Put your hands up and SHOUT!

We had a great – and soggy – day!

Check back later for today’s happenings…

Marathon Camp – Day 2

The rain held off for most of our daily activities – swimming, hiking, challenge coursing, tie-dying, orienteering.

The evening activity of Counselor Hunt? Not so much… rain, rain go away – we want to find the hiding staff another day. All of the campers hunkered down in Abel Lodge and the Dorm for Vespers and devotions followed by a few games.

All is quiet now on the homefront – enjoy these photos of today’s adventures:

Splish, splash! They are taking a bath – I mean, their swim test!
Always a nature moment to be found at camp…
Getting ready to take a refreshing dip in the lake.
Building castles made of sand…
The “men” of Carl’s group hanging out at the waterfront.
High School campers finding their balance on the Whale Watch.
Walking in the spider web, leave a message and I’ll call you back.
Happy campers all around!
Camp friends are the best friends!
Hi ho the dairy oh – a hiking they will go!
These gals ventured all the way out to 3rd Peninsula with Mark as their fearless leader.
The ants go marching one by one… hurrah!

Marathon Camp: The First Mile (Part 2)

Ready - Aim - Fire at will! Marathon boys enjoying the morning at archery.

The ladies in Sherri's group have bulleyes on their minds...

Future World Champion Archer
Bullseye! (or very, very close…)
High school fellas cooling off in the lake.
Lifeguard Robert keeping the kids safe at swim time.
Hole #8 of Frisbee Golf – he scored a 5!
“Teeing off” at the last hole!

Whew – what a great first full day of Marathon Camp! After an adventure-packed day and intense game of Capture the Flag, all the campers have hit the hay! Check back tomorrow for more shots of what’s going on around camp…